Audio En Route is Content Creation's audio-only programming division that produces premium business, entertainment and travel audiobooks. As Singapore's largest producer and publisher of audiobooks, our content reaches a global audience through our Internet distribution through Audible, the Internet's largest distributor of audiobooks.

So far, we have produced 4 series of Audiobooks -

Sounds & The City, available on Audible.com & iTunes Music Store, offers compact 30-60 minute audiotours of cosmopolitan Asian cities, complete with location recordings from each city. First Overland is the story of 6 Oxford & Cambridge students who drove from London to Singapore in 1955 in 2 Land Rovers, the first to make the trip entirely by car and forever becoming part of Land Rover legend.
Kiss & Tell - Stories of Lies, Love & Lust Vol I; this landmark erotica audiobook became the best selling audiobook release of all-time on HMV Singapore's In-Store chart, reaching no. 37. A Brand Apart, available soon on Audible.com & iTunes Music Store, offers a different perspective on how branding works in the real world with in-depth company analysis that brings the listener 'out of the box' in how to evaluate a brand.

Audio En Route welcomes proposals for audiobooks, whether original works or existing titles whose publishers are interested in creating an audiobook version. Please contact us via email.

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